Tim Durham

Onward, through the Fog!

I simply cannot remember how long it has been since I first yearned to see what was just around the next corner, just over one more hill, and what wonders tomorrow morning might bring. In the early 70’s, I became a graduate of the University of Texas College of Pharmacy, kept my hair cut short, wore a tie and had a perfectly respectable job as a staff pharmacist in a major Fort Worth hospital. Even had this snazzy white smock. That and more. So very much more. All of which I shucked in order to follow that undeniable yearning to look around that next corner and to experience that next adventure. I moved to Alaska to fly airplanes. It was during these early years in SE Alaska that I discovered photography. It was only a matter of time before travel, photography, and adventure merged into what has become a major facet of my lifestyle for the past number of decades.

Why do I take pictures, put them on the web and write about them? Mostly to entertain…  but also to educate myself about the ways of our planet.

While I truly hope that you enjoy photographically wandering around over our little blue planet with me, I also hope that we will all gain a better understanding of conservation, ecology, and preservation of wild lands and wildlife.

So come along with me now… where shall we go? Laos? The Svalbard Archipelago? Russia? Greece? Pour yourself the soothing refreshment of your choice, sit back, and let’s take a trip. I’m going to bet that we’ll both learn some new things as we travel through the images and learn about other people, other places, and lifestyles unlike yours or mine.