Onward, Through the Fog!

Please!  Come on in!  Travel with Winnie and I to some really beautiful and interesting places on our little blue planet.

Blog Posts

Building a new personal website has been a difficult learning experience for me.  I am definitely NOT the geeky sort.  My electronic naivety lent me no clue that it’d be this maddening to arrange a few electrons, ones, ohs, and sprinkle in a few snapshots to prepare and publish my very first website.  Chance and I persevered, however, and my new website is almost ready to go public. Warts and all.

It’s practical function will be to serve as a place to archive and store my travel and wildlife photos.  It’ll also be a place where I can relate some of my interesting travel experiences and stories, hopefully, for your entertainment.  And since ecological concerns are becoming critically important to our tiny blue planet, I’ll not miss any opportunity to promote protection of our environment. 

So, come along now and let’s go on a virtual vacation together!  We can indulge our mutual love of travel and adventure together without being too hot or too cold, dealing with canceled flights, or suffering Montezuma’s Revenge.

Life is short.  Don’t waste it.  Take the trip.  Open that really good wine.  Tell someone you love them.  Leave behind some pictures and good stories. 

And if I can inspire just one person to follow their dreams and push their boundaries, all the work will have been worthwhile.